'Krrish2' to be shot in Hyderabad

Logistical problems of shooting in the city forces Rakesh Roshan to recreate a Mumbai set at Ramoji Film City.

Rakesh Roshan ambitious sequel to ‘Krrish’ will be shot in Hyderabad. A set will be recreated depicting Mumbai at Ramoji Film City. This was decided so that the logistical problems of shooting in the streets of Mumbai are resolved.

The set, designed to resemble a business hub in Mumbai will be completed by late September. “The script required Hrithik Roshan to perform some death defying stunts on the streets of Mumbai. However the star didn’t want to shoot in crowded locations as he was wary of crowds hounding him during the shoot,” said a source.

However, it wasn’t economically feasible to recreate the set in Mumbai due to space crunch.  “The action sequence would need a location like the Bandra Kurla Complex. So Rakesh Roshan first went to ND studio in Karjat but decided it was not possible to go ahead because of production costs,” added the source.

Art director Sabu Cyril who has earlier worked on films like Raavan and Enthiran is recreating the Bandra Kurla Complex  in Ramoji Rao Filmcity in Hyderabad. The set will be spread over an area of almost 2 kilometers and will have around 65 buildings with detailed work.