Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Gifts and Surprises: These two words are sure to get your girlfriend excited any time of the day, at any given hour.

While the words may get the her excited and enthusiastic, the wrong choice of gift and/or surprise will cause her face to lose colour before you can begin to give any explanation. So before you run out of any ideas, or fall prey to cheesy ones or lose face by gifting her the wrong surprise, read our list of Top 10 Gifts for Your Girlfriend.

(The listed gifts are in no particular order of preference)

10. Couple Spa Date

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

'Women are predictable!' is what men said when asked what gifts you'd give your girlfried. A very debatable statement, but an extremely safe gift choice. Women LOVE Spa. Arrange a Date Spa evening and she won't stop smiling. This is a great way to relax, enjoy each others company and flirt with intimacy.

9. Girls Night Out

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

This one is surely an unusual gift choice, but one that will get you into her best books asap. Sponsoring and organising a finely planned night out for her and her besties will show her how much you care for her and the girls who matter to her the most. It does not have to extravagant, a simple fair can seal the deal and steal her heart.

8. A Perfect Date

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

If you can make the effort to plan an evening for her with her girlies, go the extra mile and plan the perfect Date with her. A date night, in the middle of the Arabian sea in a yacht. Add to that a romantic candle light dinner, soulful music, soothing wine and she will be swooning all over you before the date is anywhere near the end.

7. 2 Bags full of Zara clothing

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Hahaha! This one is surely a no-brainer. Clothes, accessories, shoes make a woman go CRAZY! Spurlge on her. If you know her choice well, pick some elegant and fashionable clothing for her from Zara, Vero Moda, Mango and the likes. If she is the fussy choosy types, escort her to these stores and pay the dutiful bag-holder and bill-payer. Women, at the end of the day, love to be pampered.

6. A branded watch/perfume

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

This is the staple gift to give when you can't think of anything to give. You can never go wrong with a watch or a perfume unless you are a real douche! Don't buy her fakes or duplicates, she won't appreciate it, will never use them and might refuse to see you ever again. If you are short on money, buy an original Titan instead of going all out and fancy.

5. A silver waist chain

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Now this one reads unconventional all the way round. But it spells intimate and personal to the core. Getting her to wear an accessory around her waist at all times is ensuring you're by her side 24/7. This gift will leave a smile on her face for days to come, and whenever she feels the chain she is bound to go pink with joy!

4. A smartphone / laptop

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Most girls don't LOVE gadgets, but that does not mean they don't want to possess the latest one to use as a fashion accessory. Gift her an Apple iphone or a Blackberry or a Dell laptop even. Gifting an everyday essential item like this is safe, is sure to please her and gets her to not expect another gift for quite a while.

3. A weekend getaway

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Every other human being is stressed today. With work, family, friends, social obligations you may find yourself to have very little time left to be with your girlfriend. If you and she are feeling this time crunch, plan an easy, comfortable weekend getaway. It doesn't have to be fancy, but surely can be romantic. A long drive, followed by a comfortable stay in a good hotel will uplift your and her spirits and bring you'll closer.

2. A credit card add-on

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

Now this one reads COMMITMENT. Don't venture down this road if she is not the ONE. But once you do gift her a credit card add-on, (and provided she accepts) you have very clearly, smoothly and sauvely sealed the deal.

1. Commitment/Engagement Ring

Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend

While the above gift will seal the deal, this one will clinch it. Women take particular pride in wearing their commitment/engagement ring around the ring finger. It does not have to be a huge solitaire, nor can it be a cheap plastic round mould. Buy one that goes with her sensibilities and your pocket. (Dating,

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