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2013 Best Cars for Families awards

Jamie Page Deaton
14 March 2013


The Best Cars for Families awards combine quality, size and family-friendly features into a composite score. Within each of the 19 categories, the vehicle with the highest score is named the Best Car for Families in that category.

The Winners

The Best Cars for Families awards span so many different automotive classes that it's easy for families to find cars, vans and SUVs that will suit their lifestyle. Families looking for a compact car will like the Chevrolet Cruze, which, despite its small exterior, has interior space that's in line with what some midsize sedans offer. Families who want to ride in style and luxury should check out the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, which offers features like a rear-seat entertainment system and has a roomy back seat that will make any kid the envy of the pickup lane at school.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is the Best Hybrid Car for Families. In addition to offering plenty of back-seat space, its fuel economy means parents won't have to drain college funds to fill up the tank. The Best Hybrid SUV for Families is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. It can seat up to seven, making it a green choice for car pool duty.

For families on the go, the car has become an extension of the home. Finding a car that's comfortable, safe, reliable and has the features that make life easier can be tough. The Best Cars for Families awards can't take the guesswork out of potty training, helping with homework or dealing with first crushes, but they do take the guesswork out of finding a great family car.


Compact Cars: Chevrolet Cruze

Upscale Small Cars: Buick Verano

Hatchbacks: Toyota Prius

Midsize Cars: Ford Fusion

Upscale Midsize Cars: Acura TL

Full-Size Cars: Buick LaCrosse

Luxury Full-Size Cars: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Hybrid Cars: Ford Fusion Hybrid

Wagons: Subaru Outback


Compact SUVs: Honda CR-V

Luxury Compact SUVs: Audi Q5

2-Row Midsize SUVs: Jeep Grand Cherokee

3-Row Midsize SUVs: Chevrolet Traverse

Luxury 2-Row Midsize SUVs: Lexus RX 350

Luxury 3-Row Midsize SUVs: Lincoln MKT

Full-Size SUVs: Chevrolet Suburban

Luxury Full-Size SUVs: Cadillac Escalade

Hybrid SUVs: Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Minivans: Honda Odyssey

Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze

Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V

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