5 Easy Exercises to Boost Your Bust Naturally

There is no denying that a woman’s breasts are her true assets. Whether it is a body hugging dress or a corset blouse with your favourite saree, sagging breasts are slightly nightmarish, no matter what you choose to step out in. A lot of women go under the knife today because they feel they have no other option.

To prevent yourself from resorting to options of surgery, you must try some exercises and diet that can prevent premature sagging in the long run. Apart from regular exercises, try to get into a routine of weight training that would eventually strengthen your core muscles and the breast tissue, making them firm. So, here are some exercises that you can do at home to achieve firmer breasts naturally.

1. Push-up like your man

This exercise is no longer restricted to guys. Push-ups will strengthen your chest, abdomen and arm muscles. Get your mat in place; lie down on your stomach. Place your hands on the ground, away from your shoulder. Raise your body by putting the body weight on your arms and toes. Then slowly lower yourself back to the initial position. Repeat two sets of ten each every day.

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2. Use the bench

Bench presses can work wonders for your chest muscles. Just lie down on your back on a bench. Keep your hands on your side, with your elbows bent (position A, as shown in the above image). Hold some heavy weights (5 kgs dumbbells or 2 litre water bottles) in your hands. Now lift your hands upwards, moving them towards the ceiling (position B, in the above image). Then bring them back to the side. Repeat this twice with 10 repetitions each time. Drink water in between each set. If you are performing this exercise then make sure that you are not suffering from any back problem.

3. Shoulder press with dumbbell

Using some weights for doing a shoulder press exercise works wonders. Stand with your feet apart in sync with the shoulders and bend your knees slightly (position A, as shown in the above image). Take the dumbbell and lift them above your shoulder. Your upper arm should press against the head (position B, as in the above image). Also, make sure you hold this position for a second and then lower the weights from where you started. Repeat this in sets of two, doing a repetition of 10 each time.

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4. Water baby

If you do not like the idea of hitting the gym or lifting weights daily, fill in the intervals with swimming. While, it will promote general weight loss, breaststroke in swimming can also help achieve great results for your breast. This exercise is good for your chest and arm muscles.

5. Palm resistance

This is the simplest exercise to do at home. Sit straight, and join your palms together (like in a prayer posture) in front of your chest. Now press your palms together as hard as you can. You should feel the muscles in your breasts responding to this tension as well. Count to five and then relax. Do this exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday. So, time to get in the meditation mode, we say!

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Foods to help you

There are certain foods that can help to keep your breasts firm and healthy. So, include them in your diet to keep away from surgery or silicon pads.

  • Oranges not only help prevent breast cancer, but are a rich source of vitamin B6 and calcium.
  • Eggs and chicken are healthy food items that contain protein, calcium and minerals. To get fuller breasts, make yourself a big bowl of veggies and chicken.
  • Soy rich diet tremendously helps to firm your breasts. Add it to your regular curries and biryanis.
  • Strawberries also help to prevent breast cancer, and give you the much needed dose of vitamin C.
  • Pasta is a great option to satiate your taste buds and to keep your breasts healthy. Indulge in whole wheat pasta to add a good amount of carbs in your diet.

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A good diet with a good workout can go a long way to make your breasts fuller, firmer and healthier, just the way you want them to be!

Image Courtesy: womenshealthmag.com, swimswam.com

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