8 Bedroom Moves to Spice Up Your Life

No matter how intense and pleasurable your lovemaking sessions are, you will always feel the need to raise your performance bar. So, move beyond the three cliche steps- grab, grunt and fall asleep. And, try out some new moves to spice up your intimate moments. Make them sweet and romantic, and sometimes a bit raunchy too. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your time between the sheets.
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Keep your bare essentials on

Too much skin exposure in every act might ruin the excitement. Instead, keep your inner wear on. Start with foreplay, teasing and stroking above the fabric. And, gradually remove each other’s bare essentials. This build-up of anticipation will drive your partner crazy. And, when you actually don your birthday suit, the lovemaking will be more intense and passionate.

Blow hot air

No matter how you like to do it, blowing hot air will enhance your pleasure. Exhale on each other’s ears, neck and face, and see how the magic works. This little hot air act will steam up your lovemaking session for sure. 

Play a little rough

Well, all you ladies out there, this is a sure shot way to win over your partner. So, initiate the act by teasing and spanking him. Do all what he likes. Men like their women to be dominating in bed. While you are into the act, monitor the speed, change angles and at times nibble his ear lobes. This will definitely make him go wild and result in a thrilling session for sure.

Show your naughty side

Well, girls, here is another tip for you. Let go of your shyness and don a sexy look. Take out that lacy lingerie to entice him. And once you decide on your bare essentials, surprise him with an unusual place and a new move. This will surely leave you both with an explosive lovemaking.

Giving him the kiss treatment

Here is something to drive him crazy, just start the act with a gentle kiss on his forehead. Move on to kiss his eyelashes, his lips and work on his chest, until he starts craving for you. Now, undo the button of his jeans and move further south towards his treasure trail. Instead of coming to a halt there, work on his hip bones. This will guarantee him a ride to the pleasure town and lead to a great ‘thank you’ session.

Pamper the neglected boys

When your man is taking his pants off, your eyes are probably glued to his trump card, but do not neglect what makes the trump card functional. Give some importance to the supporting stars as well. Massage them softly and involve your tongue. This will arouse him like never before.  

Keep her guessing

And, guys, it is your turn now. Unpredictability is what spices up the entire experience of lovemaking. Simply tease her by your incomplete movements. Slip in a little; refrain yourself from going all the way and give random thrusts. Keep her confused about your next move. This way your pleasure act will not only last longer, but will also break the monotony of the previous sessions.

Let her dominate

Well, all you men out there, we have a little secret to share. Your woman might agree to it or not, but she gains the utmost pleasure while being on top of you. So, set the stage tonight and surprise her by allowing her to rule you. Let her grab you and bite you. We guarantee that tonight will be a rocking night for you.

So, it is time you add some spice and drama into your bedroom, and enjoy those 'between the sheets' moments with your partner.