Aamir Khan Saddened And Shocked By 'Satyamev Jayate' Guest's Murder

Uttar Pradesh based Abdul Hakim, who had appeared on actor-producer Aamir Khan's television debut show Satyamev Jayate to talk about the Khap Panchayats and their abuse of power, was reportedly gunned down recently in his hometown and needless to say, Khan is shocked and saddened by the news.

Aamir reportedly got to know about the incident through a news channel and was quoted saying that he will speak to the authorities and try his level best to look into the matter. He also added that he will ensure that Abdul's wife and daughter are safe and protected. Aamir also revealed that when Abdul had appeared on the show, he had told Aamir in advance that he was getting threatening calls and feared an attempt on his life.
Aamir's show Satyamev Jayate was lauded across the country and even internationally for taking on controversial subjects like child abuse, medical malpractice, alcoholism and honour killings, amongst others.