After Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh Khan, where are next-gen superstars in Bollywood?

By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial

As the year 2013 is coming to an end there are two distinct trends that underline the fact that though they have crossed 40 years of age, the trio of Khans still dominate the film industry. The trend that underlined the fact is first associated with the sense of expectation on the eve of release of promo of Salman Khan's JAI HO and second buzz that is literally dominating the cinematic proceedings is the role that Aamir Khan is playing in DHOOM 3. Such has been the buzz created that the day of its release is being touted as DHOOM DAY. It need not require underlining that Aamir Khan is playing the role of villain in D-3, but such a buzz has been created around the enactment of his role that a belief has garnered ground that it indeed is Aamir who is the hero. No wonder, Abhishek Bachchan had to go on record to tell the world that he, in fact, was the main hero and not Aamir for DHOOM-3. Of course, in between, Shahrukh Khan created a new benchmark of commercial success with CHENNAI EXPRESS, which did business of more than 200 crore.

But it indeed is a serious state of affairs that though it has been around 25 years that the triad of Khans made their debut in the world of Hindi cinema, but they still continue to go strong and unchallenged. For the cinematic growth, it indeed is an issue that merits serious consideration as the conclusion that one draws from this situation is that no worthy successors for the trio has emerged during the last 25 years, on whom the producers could bank to deliver a hit for them!

Between the three of them, at a time more than 30-40 crore of investment is tied up and the trio does not do more than one-two films in a year. What it however means is that out of more than 100 films that are made in Bollywood the quotient of success could be attributed to those films where the Khans are starring, i.e. more and more money is chasing the Khans and as a result the fee of these stars rise from one film to another exponentially.

This has become a catch 22 situation for the industry and it does not know how to wriggle out of this situation. This state of affairs is also a pointer to the fact that it is not the content which is the driver for making a film a commercial success, but it is the star value of these stars on which the producer and director hitchhike to make the movie a commercial success.

But the time has indeed come for industry to usher in a fresh wave of successors, as the age has started catching up with the Khans and new face is required for the industry to take it forward. Is Ranbir Kapoor, and Ranveer Singh the answer, well, it is too early to predict. May be 2014 could provide some answer to these concerns otherwise the day is not far-off when the industry could go in for a tail spin.

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