Akshay Kumar: 'I wasn't impressed with Special 26 script initially'

Actor-producer Akshay Kumar, who will be next seen playing the role of a con-man in Neeraj Pandey's heist drama Special 26 recently revealed that he almost gave up the role as he was not too convinced about the film when he read the script for the first time.

Confirming the news, Akshay said, "The first time when the script was sent to me and I read it, I wasn't much impressed and so did not show much interest in the role. However, it was later when Neeraj narrated the same story to me that I got hooked. Reading something and having another person narrate a story to you makes a lot of difference. Neeraj narrated the story to me in such a way that I immediately agreed to do it, because he made the same story sound so interesting and fascinating!"
Based on real life incidents wherein a bunch of con-men impersonated CBI officers and looted rich businessmen on the pretext of raids, Special 26 also stars Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher.