'Alive And Kicking' Gul Panag Brushes Aside Accident Rumours

There were rumours of several websites about actress Gul Panag in a jet-ski accident. However, the actress was pro-active and cleared the air, saying she's alive and kicking!


Gul tweeted, "Alive and kicking I am. Yes. But yes if i had to die it would be something like this. Or a bungee cord snapping."


She was also quoted saying that it's like the stupid pranks they play in Hollywood, citing the example of Keanu Reeves. She also said that when she stepped out of the gym, she was surprised to see so many missed calls on her mobile and since she was unavailable, her friends were trying to contact her husband, who was travelling. She concluded saying that it was good to know that so many people care about her well-being.