Amitabh Bachchan Clears All Rumours Surrounding Him On His Facebook Page

Actor Amitabh Bachchan cleared a few misconceptions on his Facebook page this morning, including the one about Abhishek Bachchan gifting a car to his daughter Aaradhya on her first birthday (November 16, 2012). 

Bachchan clarified other rumours circulating about him on social networks as well. He wrote on his Facebook page, "FB 89 - There are some misconceptions and untrue facts being mentioned on various social networks about me ..1. they state that another poem was written by me on the victim of gang rape in Delhi ... wrong. I wrote just one poem and every one knows what i am talking on .."
He further wrote, "FB 89 - Second misconception: Abhishek presented a car to Aaradhya on her first birthday ... wrong. NO car was presented, instead a car was purchased by them to gift me on my birthday ... a MiniCooper, which I love, and which has a number plate 2882."
He even went on to explain the reason behind the number '2882'. He wrote, "And its 2882, because that is a special date too in my life ... my second birthday ! After the Coolie accident it was on the 2nd of Aug 1982 that I had died and revived. 2882 is the 2nd of the 8th month of August in the year '82 ... so 2882 !!"