Amitabh Bachchan Receives Royal Welcome At Chennai Film Festival Closing Ceremony

Amitabh Bachchan received a royal welcome at the Chennai Film Festival closing ceremony where he was the guest of honour. He was the Chief Guest during the closing ceremony at the festival.

On his blog, the actor wrote, "Chennai … a familiar and oft visited destination during the early years of my career, now nostalgic, filled with memories and with the adventures of the city then ..Today as Chief Guest of the Chennai Film Festival during its closing ceremony, organised by artists of the Industry, the city looks completely changed. Progress, modernisation, busy, traffic, high rise and a greater metropolises feel and wind, has made this into yet another prime city of the nation. It always was, but somehow it was different. There was time, space, custom … not to say that it is not there even now … it is … but you just do not get to see it, amongst so many distractions !! Suhasini, Mani Ratnam's wife, niece of Kamal Haasan along with some other interested ladies from the Industry have come together, in a most unique and determined manner to put together a festival of better films for the Tamil audiences, and encouraging makers to come forward with their opportunity of talent, to be noticed and recognised. Just felt a warm and affectionate atmosphere that prevailed throughout the day, and have just finished for the day, to travel back to Mumbai again tomorrow … !! It was a most individual event, a meeting together of all those that contribute to the Industry in the Southern region, that came up for display this evening .."