Ankhon Dekhi Becomes Rajat Kapoor's First Film With Songs

Rajat Kapoor, who has previously wielded the megaphone for his much-acclaimed films like Fatso, Mithya and Mixed Doubles to name a few, is now gearing up for his upcoming movie Ankhon Dekhi. Interestingly, Ankhon Dekhi will be his first directorial venture to have songs.

Ankhon Dekhi will feature five songs, which are mainly based on classical ragas. Each song in the film will convey a meaning and will complement the situation. Kapoor has included songs in this film as he felt that without them, his film would have been incomplete.

Ankhon Dekhi stars Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra and Seema Bhargava in the lead roles and is slated to release on March 21.


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