Arun Rangachari To Make Charles Sobhraj's Biopic?

22 April 2013
Arun Rangachari To Make Charles Sobhraj's Biopic?

Charles Sobhraj, who is also known as the bikini killer,will soon have a biopic made on him. If sources are to be believed, then producer Arun Rangachari has acquired the rights of author Farrukh Dhondy’s book titled The Bikini Murders, which is based on Sobhraj’s life.

Many noted filmmakers have wanted to make a film on the notorious criminal in the past and finally Rangachari has bagged the deal. An insider reveals that earlier attempts of making a biopic on Sobhraj have failed because of the quick reaction from his lawyers however now the hurdle seems to have been circumvented with the acquisition of the book’s rights.

Now the filmmaker is looking for an actor who can do justice to this notorious character on-screen.

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