Audi R8 Hello Kitty is Horrendously Adorable

Jeff Perez
21 June 2013

More often then not, the idea behind wrapping up your exotic in something a little less OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is to turn some heads in the process (See: Flo Rida’s gold chrome Bugatti). This is definitely one of those times. As you can plainly see with this hot pink Hello Kitty custom wrap on this Audi R8 V10.

Behind all this madness is the normally docile fellas over at Cam-Shaft in Germany, Kittied up to perfection for the team at RacingOne. Don’t be fooled by it’s cute and cuddly appearance though, this princess is said to push out somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-hp.

Audi R8 Hello Kitty 2
Audi R8 Hello Kitty 2

We won’t hate on Hello Kitty too hard as it is packing some heat, we just wouldn’t want to be the dude behind the wheel.

PHOTOS: See more of the Audi R8 V10

Source: Cam-Shaft via AutoEvolution

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