Beautiful Varmala Moments from Real Indian Weddings

Every ritual that takes place in an Indian wedding not only has a deep cultural significance but is also a pure visual treat for all those present. One such vibrant ritual is that of varmala or jaimala. When the bride enters the wedding venue after the arrival of the baraat, the would-be couple exchanges flower garlands signifying their acceptance and union. It is a fun-filled moment where rituals are infused with merriment and smiles. Take a look at these beautiful varmala moments from real Indian weddings that we have handpicked for you.
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Blooming love

Here is a beautiful setting, where the loved ones hold a flower sheet over the bride and the groom's head as they come together for the varmala ceremony. Varmala is an age old tradition that finds its roots in the ancient times. It is a beautiful sight to see a bride and a groom exchange flower garlands at an Indian wedding.

Image Courtesy: Anshum M. Photography

A fun-filled moment

Varmala ceremony is a fusion of rich significance and fun elements. The bride and the groom’s friends and family members lift them up just at the moment their partner is about to put the garland around their neck. It is just a fun competition moment to see who is able to put the varmala easily, the bride or the groom? 

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Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

A bride awaits

According to the varmala tradition, the bride first puts the garland around the groom’s neck and then it is the groom’s turn to do the same. Here is a beautiful bride whose eyes are twinkling with the excitement of the new life ahead as she awaits for her groom, holding the varmala in her hand.

Image Courtesy: BusyBee Studio

A mark of acceptance and union

Varmala tradition finds its roots in the ancient times when swayamvars were held. In a swayamvar ceremony, a prospective bride (princess of some kingdom) would choose her life partner out of a number of suitors by putting a flower garland around the chosen one's neck. So, when a bride puts the garland around the groom’s neck it is a mark of her acceptance.

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Image Courtesy: Anshum M. Photography

Coming together

Varieties of fragrant and beautiful flowers are united in one string, which becomes significant of the union of two individuals as one. Take a look here as the bride and the groom share a special moment after their varmala ceremony.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Two individuals becoming one

After the entry of the baraat, this is the first ritual that takes place on the wedding day. In many Indian communities (like in Bengali and Marathi weddings) it is only at the time of the garland exchange that the couple can see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Here is a glance at a beautiful Maharashtrian wedding.

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Image Courtesy: Anshum M. Photography

Fragrant entry into a new life

Flowers provide a fragrant way for the new couple to enter this new phase of life. Every flower has a deep significance attached to it. So dear would-be couples, if you are out shopping for your wedding garland, be careful while choosing the flowers for it. Here is a shot of a radiant bride who is putting a garland of vibrant yellow flowers around her groom's neck.

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Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Beauty, emotions and union

There is a deep significance behind this garland marking the union of a bride and a groom. Flowers are a symbol of happiness, excitement, colour and beauty while the thread is a way to put all the emotions and feelings together. The thread would never leave the flowers even when they loose their beauty and colour. This is what a marriage is about- for better or for worse. 

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Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Building a bond

Marigold and rose are two most common flowers that find their place in an Indian wedding garland. But, with changing times, now the couples add exotic and seasonal flowers to their wedding garland to make it stand out. You can add exotic flowers to your garland, like lily and orchids for a winter wedding or dahlia and iris for a summer affair.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Making the effort

Just like the flowers come together with the help of a thread, a bride and a groom are united together through a marital bond. They promise to share their lives, and every happy and sad moment of it with each other. Take a look at this varmala ceremony from a South Indian wedding. In many South Indian communities, couples exchange the garland three times. Three is a sacred number for many Indian rituals.

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Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Groom's garland

Varmala literally means a garland for the var (groom). This groom's garland (literal translation) signifies the groom's welcome into a new phase of his life. It is a mark that he is now ready to shoulder the responsibilities of a married life. When a groom puts a garland around the bride's neck it is his promise to take care of her and look after her always. 

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

Extravagance of garland

Wedding garlands come in various sizes and designs. This also depends on the community as well. The garlands in South Indian weddings are usually larger and longer compared to the ones that are used in the North Indian weddings. Since the couple has to wear this garland throughout all the other wedding rituals they can design it according to their level of comfort and can even match it up with their wedding day wear.

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Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Infusing fun in traditions

Lifting up the bride and the groom during the varmala ceremony is just a fun way to break the ice between the two families. It fills the atmosphere with smiles and laughter, just like this moment that has been captured from a real Indian wedding.

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography 

Beautiful garlands

Here is a beautiful shot of a bride and a groom from a Sikh wedding. Look how their wedding garlands complement their wedding wear, and looks stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Dear brides-to-be, your wedding garlands can match the colours of your bridal outfit or your wedding venue decor as well. 

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Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

A special moment

Away from the guests, a bride and a groom share a special moment that is beautifully captured by their wedding photographer. After the varmala ceremony is complete, the couple either moves towards meeting their guests or getting their couple shots done before the other wedding rituals follow. 

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Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography


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