Beauty Advice to Your Younger Self

'What if' - a phrase we all use when we wish to change our present or correct our past. While life may give you a second chance to improve yourself, your beauty will not be this kind to you. In the long-run, your beauty will take its revenge for all those times when you forgot to remove your make up before sleeping or did not bother to give your hair an oil massage.

Let us have a look at the beauty advice that many women wished that they had given to their younger self.

Understand your skin well

If you have dry skin, then it is not 'okay' to buy a moisturiser meant for oily skin (even if it is on sale!). You should never pick products randomly and experiment on yourself. You need to understand your skin and its demands. Its moisture and pH levels also differ. So, first find out what type of skin you have and then use products accordingly.

Buy eye creams

The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, and once fine lines start appearing, there is no going back. A face moisturiser is not good enough for the skin tissue around your eyes. That is why; you must buy a good quality cooling gel or an eye cream and start using it immediately.

Develop a skin care regime

Rarely do women realise the importance of developing a skin care regime early on in life. This daily routine might take some time, but will keep your skin young and glowing always. Every day follow a cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. Besides this, exfoliate your face twice a week and use a homemade face pack at least once in a week.

Shower attention on your neck

People usually moisturise only their face and neglect their neck. What they fail to realise is that the skin on the neck and collar is thinner than the skin on face. It also has lesser oil glands. So, you should not forget to exfoliate and moisturise your neck as well.

Don't colour your hair frequently

You might feel nice to colour your hair, and streak it with chocolate brown, or that bright red colour. However, if you do it too often, your hair will start losing its natural colour and shine. You should not colour your hair too often. Follow a strict oiling, massaging and nourishing routine, to make your hair glossy and strong. Also, eat well and include good fats like walnuts and olive oil along with salmon, yoghurt, spinach, and lentils in your diet.

Wax instead of shaving

Shaving may be convenient and a cheaper option, but you should still stick to waxing. Shaving tends to make your hair grow faster. Also, regular shaving will make your hair coarser, darker and thicker. So stop shaving, and go for the good old waxing instead.

Eat healthy and drink loads of water

It might sound cliché, but your body will definitely reward you with beautiful skin and hair, if you eat healthy and drink loads of water daily. Besides this, learn to smile and laugh as much as possible. It will add on to your beauty.

It takes courage to be as offensive as Mallika Sherawat. For our part we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything in her wardrobe. And let’s not even get started on her faux American accent. However, ... more 
It takes courage to be as offensive as Mallika Sherawat. For our part we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything in her wardrobe. And let’s not even get started on her faux American accent. However, at number 8 she comes in ahead of a host of ill-dressed celebs. less 
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Yahoo Lifestyle | Photo by Yogen Shah
Mon 26 Aug, 2013 11:30 AM IST

So, follow the above tips, if you do not want to have any skin regrets in your life. Believe us, your skin will thank you abundantly for the healthy habits that you add to your routine.


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