Behold, The Ford Mustang Themed Wedding

George Kennedy
15 July 2013

Themed weddings are surely a sight to behold. There have been sports-team themes, and hunting themes (complete with cammo tuxes), but we have yet to see a Ford Mustang-themed wedding…until now.

Brian Johnson and Rene Doane are both fans of Ford’s iconic muscle car. So much so, that their entire wedding is crafted around the ‘Stang, complete with…

A Mustang-logo cake-topper,

00-Mustang Wedding
00-Mustang Wedding

Mustang wedding bands,

02-Mustang Wedding
02-Mustang Wedding

Mustang pins for the groomsmen,

04-Mustang Wedding
04-Mustang Wedding

and to top it all off, riding off into the sunset in a Mustang GT Convertible.

01-Mustang Wedding
01-Mustang Wedding

According to Mustangs Daily the two met when Johnson was visiting a friend and noticed a 1994 Mustang GT. He went to check it out when the owner, Rene, came out to see who was inspecting her ‘Stang. The two hit it off, started dating, and several years later, popped the clutch– and the question!

What are some other weird and wonderful auto-themed weddings that you know of? Share in the comments below!

 PHOTOS: See more Ford Mustang photos

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