The Biker's Cafe - a biker's delight

Indo Asian News Service
16 July 2013

New Delhi, July 16 (IANS) With chairs made up of real bike seats and suspensions, and a menu which borrows inspiration from motorcycle jargon and the road, capital-based The Biker's Cafe, truly looks like a biker's delight.

It captures what bikers love - delicious grub, detoxifying juices, popular music and a decor which has parts of a motorbike here, there and everywhere.

The place, officially launched in January 2013, is the brainchild of husband-wife duo Sanjay Yadav and Rakhi Yadav, who have been bike enthusiasts.

"We decided to reinvent our passion once again, so we kickstarted by creating an 'adda' not only for bikers, but wannabe bikers and the young at heart," Sanjay, a father of two, told IANS.

The cafe is decorated with motorcycle memorabilia and everything - from lights to furniture, follow the same theme.

Wall clocks and souvenirs designed from original bike parts like the wheel chain, a wheel rim, and a bike handlebar with a headlight, gives the cafe an authentic touch.

There are also hand-painted retro bike frames, and varied types of air filter are used as ashtrays. The lighting of the cafe, situated in Vasant Kunj area of south Delhi, is made of bike headlights.

"The decor is an art form to ensure one can feel biking. There are bike drawings by artists, and chairs are made up of real bike seats and suspension, which can make people feel as if they are sitting on a bike while sitting in the cafe," said Rakhi.

On the menu are options like 'Single Cylinder Tune Up' OR 'V-Twin Power', and even a salad which is listed under 'High on Mileage'. The cafe serves a variety of cuisines, including continental and Italian.

The other highlight is the Cafe's salads aptly placed under the "High on Mileage" section, and there are interesting juices and smoothies.

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