Biriyani makes a killing!

28 November 2013
Biriyani makes a killing!

Karthi and Hansika's upcoming movie under Venkat Prabhu's direction - Biriyani, seems to be raking in the moolah even before it hits screens! Originally scheduled to release for Pongal, the makers decided to advance the release to December 20! The latest news is that, the satellite rights of the movie has been sold for over Rs. 10 Crores. Also starring Ramki, Mandy Thakkar, Premgi Amaren, Nithin Sathya, Subbu Panchu and a host of other stars, the movie has music by Yuvanshankar Raja! We hear that a making video featuring many top music directors would be launched 2 weeks prior to the movie's release! Sounds very exciting!

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