Bollywood box-office report of the week

By Abid, Glamsham Editorial

This Friday's new films include Vikramaditya Motwane's LOOTERA and the Sanjay Dutt starrer POLICEGIRI. Between the two, the Ranveer, Sonakshi and Adil starrer LOOTERA is expected to embark on a good to decent start while POLICEGIRI may appeal to the massy audience, especially in North and Central India.

Last week saw the release of UTV Motion Pictures' Rajkumar Gupta directed, GHANCHAKKAR, and like many of his predecessors who have excelled in off -beat and hard hitting cinema, he too failed to achieve the same level of success in a full-fledged commercial film. After a mixed opening day, the Emraan-Vidya starrer did not see a significant pick-up during the next two days and ended up netting a not so good/not so bad 20 crore during the opening weekend from India. With LOOTERA and POLICEGIRI releasing next week, the film does not have much breathing space to make amends. GHANCHAKKAR is so-so in the overseas grossing and#163; 85,000 from UK and $145,000 from the US during the opening weekend (28-30 June).

Moving on, the Sonam, Dhanush and Swara starrer, RAANJHANAA, saw a rock steady first week as it collected 4.25 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 1 crore from Ahmedabad, 22.65 lakhs from Surat, 24.35 lakhs from Baroda (collections from 4 cinemas unreceived), 14 lakhs from Rajkot, 1.25 crore from Pune, 22.85 lakhs from Nasik, 9.25 lakhs from Goa, 6 lakhs from Belgaum, 4 crore from Delhi city, 51 lakhs from Noida, 37.50 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 32.25 lakhs from Kanpur, 61 lakhs from Lucknow, 15 lakhs from Agra, 14.65 lakhs from Allahabad, 3.50 lakhs from Meerut, 70 lakhs from Gurgaon, 13 lakhs from Faridabad, 3.65 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 4.35 lakhs from Panipat, 22.50 lakhs from Chandigarh, 10.50 lakhs from Jalandhar, 3.65 lakhs from Amritsar, 9.75 lakhs from Ludhiana, 4 lakhs from Bhatinda, 3 lakhs from Ambala, 4 lakhs from Jammu, 61 lakhs from Calcutta, 2 lakhs from Darjeeling, 7.50 lakhs from Siliguri, 5.50 lakhs from Dhanbad, 5.50 lakhs from Ranchi, 2.25 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar, 6.15 lakhs from Guwahati, 46.65 lakhs from Nagpur, 19.75 lakhs from Jabalpur, 27.50 lakhs from Raipur, 56.50 lakhs from Indore, 8.65 lakhs from Gwalior (collections from 4 cinemas unreceived), 30.65 lakhs from Bhopal (collections from 2 cinemas unreceived), 85 lakhs from Jaipur (collections from 6 cinemas unreceived), 18 lakhs from Jodhpur, 11.50 lakhs from Ajmer, 7.25 lakhs from Bikaner, 16.35 lakhs from Kota, 15.25 lakhs from Udaipur, 90 lakhs from Hyderabad, 8.50 lakhs from Aurangabad (collections from 4 cinemas unreceived), 75 lakhs from Bangalore, 3.65 lakhs from Vijayawada, 7.50 lakhs from Visakhapatnam , 10.50 lakhs from Madras and 4 lakhs from Kochi. Netting 35 crore from India during the first week, RAANJHANAA is a clean hit (taking into account the super strong second weekend). The film has done quite well in the overseas grossing and#163;145,000 from UK and $194,000 from the US till the second weekend (28-30 June).

The other two releases of the same week, the Neil-Puja starrer SHORTCUT ROMEO and the Mithun-Mahakshay venture ENEMMY, have failed badly at the ticket window.

Meanwhile the Pulkit, Ali and Vishakha venture, FUKREY, maintained superbly in the second week and collected 1.25 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 20 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 8.75 lakhs from Surat, 6 lakhs from Baroda (collections from 2 cinemas unreceived), 2.50 lakhs from Rajkot, 22.55 lakhs from Pune, 3.65 lakhs from Nasik, 1.75 lakhs from Goa, 1 lakh from Belgaum, 3 crore from Delhi city, 30.55 lakhs from Noida, 23.50 lakhs from Ghaziabad , 8.15 lakhs from Kanpur, 17.20 lakhs from Lucknow, 3.55 lakhs from Agra, 3.25 lakhs from Allahabad, 1.50 lakhs from Meerut, 50 lakhs from Gurgaon, 5.50 lakhs from Faridabad, 2.55 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 6 lakhs from Panipat, 14.55 lakhs from Chandigarh, 9 lakhs from Jalandhar, 3.35 lakhs from Amritsar, 10 lakhs from Ludhiana, 2.75 lakhs from Bhatinda, 3 lakhs from Ambala, 3 lakhs from Jammu, 12.75 lakhs from Calcutta, 1.15 lakhs from Siliguri, 1.50 lakhs from Ranchi, 1.25 lakhs from Guwahati, 7.50 lakhs from Nagpur, 16 lakhs from Jabalpur, 6.15 lakhs from Raipur, 13.50 lakhs from Indore, 3 lakhs from Gwalior, 5 lakhs from Bhopal, 25.50 lakhs from Jaipur (collections from 2 cinemas unreceived), 2.20 lakhs from Ajmer, 2.65 lakhs from Bikaner, 4 lakhs from Kota, 6.20 lakhs from Udaipur, 10.50 lakhs from Hyderabad and 12 lakhs from Bangalore. Adding another 11 crore, FUKREY has netted 29 crore in two weeks from India and is a hit!

Concluding with the Ranbir-Deepika starrer, YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI, the film continues to make merry at the ticket window collecting 75 lakhs from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 25.50 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 6.15 lakhs from Surat, 6.75 lakhs from Baroda (collections from 4 cinemas unreceived), 13.20 lakhs from Pune, 3.50 lakhs from Nasik, 85 lakhs from Delhi city, 11.50 lakhs from Noida, 7.55 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 6 lakhs from Kanpur, 11.25 lakhs from Lucknow, 10.50 lakhs from Gurgaon, 1.55 lakhs from Faridabad, 1.15 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 5.15 lakhs from Chandigarh, 3.50 lakhs from Jalandhar, 3 lakhs from Amritsar, 2.25 lakhs from Ludhiana, 1.75 lakhs from Bhatinda, 1 lakh from Ambala, 20 lakhs from Calcutta, 2.50 lakhs from Siliguri, 1.25 lakhs from Guwahati, 8 lakhs from Nagpur, 4 lakhs from Raipur, 8 lakhs from Indore, 2.50 lakhs from Gwalior (collections from 2 cinemas unreceived), 5.25 lakhs from Bhopal, 11.20 lakhs from Jaipur (collections from 3 cinemas unreceived), 2.50 lakhs from Ajmer, 3 lakhs from Kota, 3.65 lakhs from Udaipur, 12 lakhs from Hyderabad and 20 lakhs from Bangalore. With another 8.50 crore, YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI has netted 183.50 crore in four weeks from India and is an all-time blockbuster . YJHD is also an overseas blockbuster crossing $10m, grossing and#163;1,062,500 from UK and $3,745,500 from the US till the fifth weekend (28-30 June).

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