Complainant Wants Stay To Be Lifted In Salman Khan's Contempt Of Court Case

16 September 2013
Complainant Wants Stay To Be Lifted In Salman Khan's Contempt Of Court Case

Hemant Patil, who had  filed a complaint against Salman Khan before a magistrate court for posting information about his court cases on a website, today approached the Bombay High Court to vacate its stay on the proceedings against the actor.

Following the complaint against him at the magistrate court, Salman Khan had approached the High Court against the magistrate's summons. In his defence, Salman had claimed that he had created the website only to ensure that there was no incorrect reporting of the case by the media, which does not amount to contempt of court. Following this, the High Court had stayed the proceedings at the magistrate's court on August 26. The next hearing in the High Court would be on October 26.

In 2002, Salman Khan was accused of killing one and injuring four, when his vehicle had rammed in a roadside bakery. Salman was initially charged with causing death by negligence, which was subsequently upgraded to culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

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