Court dismisses PIL against Vishwaroopam!

7 February 2013
Court dismisses PIL against Vishwaroopam!

While the stage is finally set for the release of Vishwaroopam in Tamil Nadu on February 7, a 28-year old lawyer in Chennai moved a petition in the Chennai High Court recently, to ban the film as certain scenes in it hurt the religious sentiments of Christians all over the world. The HC, which heard the petition today, dismissed it agreeing that the censor is final. The lawyer has stated that several scenes in Vishwaroopam are very violent, and would cause religious and racial hurt to many, particularly the Christians and Muslims. He added that it would cause people to indulge in violent and terrorist activities. Since the petition has been dismissed by the HC, all is well for Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam and it will hit screens on February 7!

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