Courteney Cox says 'will only show boobs' on new season of 'Cougar Town'

5 January 2013

Washington, Jan. 5 (ANI): Courteney Cox has joked that there won't be even one scene in the new season of 'Cougar Town,' where she will not be showing her breasts.

According to Access Hollywood, she said that as she was getting older, she decided to take less focus on her face and more on her breasts, People magazine reported.

She disclosed that by the time she ages a little more, she would go absolutely nude and hoped that it would work for her.

The show's executive producer, Bill Lawrence, backed up Cox's comments by saying that the 48-year-old actress had declared this year as the year of her cleavage.

Although there is an episode themed 'naked day for Cox's character Jules and her on-screen husband Grayson (Josh Hopkins), there will be no actual nudity on the hit show. (ANI)

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