Disney to bring Star Wars back to Marvel Comics from Dark Horse

Washington, Jan. 4 (ANI): Star Wars comics, after being published under the Dark Horse's empire of franchise comics for more than 20 years, is reportedly set to be moved back by Disney to its original home, Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics had started publishing Star Wars comic books in 1977, running 107 issues before Dark Horse took over the licenses in 1991.

According to Cnet, after Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, including the Star Wars franchise for 4.05 billion dollars last year, it has decided to move back the comics to their original publisher.

Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson said that Dark Horse 'revolutionized' licensed comics publishing.

Meanwhile, writer of a new, year-old "Star Wars" comic set between the original movie and "The Empire Strikes Back," Brian Wood, said that while he loved Marvel, Dark Horse put 22 years into developing and nurturing it, and this sucks for them, especially the staff who handles the franchise there.

The report added that Wood's series would end with issue 20 later this year, as will all other Dark Horse-published "Star Wars" comics. (ANI)