Don't Make These 3 Skincare Mistakes

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1 April 2013
Dr. Emmanuelle Moirand works closely both with the dermatology community and con
Dr. Emmanuelle Moirand works closely both with the dermatology community and con

As the scientific director at Clinique Laboratories Dr. Emmanuelle Moirand gets a ton of feedback from both skin doctors and customers, which she then uses to perfect their products. From her vantage point she can identify the three most important skincare mistakes women make, including being too wary of  dermatologists.


For sun protection, using a high SPF product once a day is not enough

We are now more aware than before of how essential sun protection should be in our daily beauty routine. But usually we simply slather on some sunscreen at the start of the day and are done with it.

“People use a high level of SPF, they use it only once in the day, and assume they’re well-protected” says Dr. Moirand. But it doesn’t work like that.

“When you are in extreme conditions, when you are outside, you have to apply every two hours whether it’s winter or summer,” she recommends. One application works if you’re going to stay indoors all day, but every time you are going to step out in the sun, you must reapply.

Don’t depend only on skincare products; visit a dermatologist

“People don’t trust dermatological procedures,” observes Dr. Moirand. Many people don’t want to go to a doctor; they just want to buy a product.

“We are going to help, we are going to improve, we are going to treat sometimes at our level but there are specific concerns with the skin [acne for e.g.] that could be better improved with a dermatological procedure,” she asserts.

“A cosmetic is not always enough, it can help but it cannot treat,” she says, “You should go to the dermatologist, he will give you the right medication and then you come back to us and we will continue the treatment. It’s teamwork.”  

Fancy ingredients don’t necessarily make a better product. It's all about your skin type

All ingredients don’t work in the same way on all types of skin. Antioxidants for example are often recommended in the treatment of acne and high quantities are found in many acne fighting products.  

“But certain antioxidants can be too aggressive for sensitive skin [skin that has a thin epidermis],” cautions Dr. Moirand. “More and more brands now use active ingredients at higher concentrations but that is not always a good thing and can irritate certain skin types.”

-Jerusha Ratnam Chande



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