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DVD Watch: Five-Year Engagement

In the film, Jason Segal and Emily Blunt complement each other beautifully as an altar tripping couple

Genre: Romance
Language: English
Verdict: A mushy love story

Plot: Five-year engagement is a warm-hearted look at what happens when a fairy-tale romance hits a pause button. This mushy, feel good love story has 'Knocked Up' Jason Segal and Emily Blunt complementing each other beautifully as an altar tripping couple, waiting forever to get married. The duo play Violet and Tom, a newly- engaged couple who move from San Francisco to Michigan when she applies for a post at the state university. Tom gives up his successful job as a chef for her but as Violet’s contract is extended, resentment starts to fester and love flies out of the window.

What works: Jason Segal and Emily Blunt bring their performances to life and the audience can empathise with them. But the film drags when the focus shift to their separate lives and you can't wait for them to be back together. Though the title of the film is a dead give-away as to what to expect, you still end up waiting for the obvious.
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Review: Watch it for the lovely chemistry between the lead couple, when they are in love and when they are out of it. Watch them sparkle as they wrestle out as two ambitious young adults trying to balance between self-sacrifice and self-destruction while trying to hold on to that spark that attracted them to each other in the first place.