Expert Beauty Video that All Soon-to-be Brides Must Watch

Weddings are full of fun and merrymaking, but extremely hectic as well. As a busy bride-to-be, there are endless things going on in your mind related to the fittings of your outfit, trousseau shopping, makeup, mehendi, packing, etc. How your final look turns out to be is extremely crucial, and we are aware that you must definitely be stressing about this.

But just relax, as we are here to simplify it all for you. With this short video, we fill you in with every detail on how you can get prepared for your special day.

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We are sure this video will come in handy when you prepare for your pre-bridal beauty regime. Of the many tips and guidelines given, here are some important pointers for you to keep in mind:

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  • Make sure you get the upper lip threading done after bleaching. Otherwise your skin can sting.
  • Never get body wax, body scrub and bleach done on the same day. Have a gap of at least a day to avoid tenderness and irritation.
  • If you are planning to wear something strapless, low back, or backless, make sure you get your back scrubbed and moisturised well to get a smooth look.
  • Massage your hair frequently with warm oil for a month before the wedding for smooth, shiny hair. For quick results visit a hair spa.
  • Make sure you get your outfit stitched an inch or two extra, just in case you put on a couple of kilos before the wedding because of the pre-wedding events and parties, or stress-induced overeating. 
  • That said, don't forget the importance of regular exercise. No matter how busy you get, make sure to follow a light exercise/yoga routine 2 weeks before the wedding to feel lighter, fitter and more relaxed.
  • Keep in mind the ‘eight glasses per day’ rule for water intake, especially a week before the wedding. You will notice the glow on your skin in your wedding photographs.

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With these easy tips, the most sought-after bridal glow is not that difficult to achieve. Try them and let us know your experience in the comments section below.