Farooq Sheikh never indulged in any sort of addiction, says Rakesh Bedi

By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial

Actor Rakesh Bedi, who has worked with Farooq Sheikh in the films like SAATH SAATH, CHASHME BUDDOOR and plays and moreover both being part of IPTA, says it's a huge loss as Farooq Sheikh passed away this morning.

He expressed, "It's such a big loss. We were about to do a play and even had a word day before yesterday. As we (director Raman Kumar, Farooq and I) are all members of IPTA, we have been constantly in touch."

Rakesh further says it's a loss for the film industry as a whole, though Farooq is known as parallel cinema's icon.

"It's a biggest shock for the industry as a whole. Yes he was one of the pioneers in parallel cinema but he equally contributed for entertaining and non-commercial films."

Farooq, who was holidaying with his family in Dubai, breathed his last due to a massive heart attack.

He adds, "It is unbelievable because as I know he was the healthiest man of our industry. He never indulged in any sort of addiction, not even smoking. On the contrary, he was a fitness freak and had a great physique. Though he had a soft image and persona, he was a tough man within."

The veteran actor Farooq is survived by his wife and two daughters.

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