New fashion calendar celebrates 'ordinary' people

Indo Asian News Service
11 March 2014

New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) A new calendar based on "Anything but Ordinary" people, featuring young, enthusiastic and vibrant personalities from different creative fields, has been launched here.

The calendar has been introduced by Park Hotels, a chain of luxury boutique hotels in the country.

From designers Malini Ramani and Gaurav Gupta, celebrity DJ Nikhil Chinapa, artist Sudarshan Shetty to jewellery designer Hanut Singh and a host of young talents, who are achievers in their respective professions, all are a part of the calendar, said a statement.

The calendar also features some "extraordinary individuals", who are part of The Park family.

"The concept and the design of The Park calendar is beautifully integrated with the brand promise of 'Anything but Ordinary'. From the moment our customers arrive till the time they leave, we provide them remarkable experiences sprinkled with the unusual and the memorable," Priya Paul, chairperson - Appejay Surrendra Park hotels, said in a statement.

"The calendar has been inspired by our collective love for the unique and reflects the same passion and originality that we stand for," added Paul.

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