Fitness Comes First For Hrithik Roshan And His Family!

Usually the phrase goes, 'the family that prays together stays together'. However, for Hrithik Roshan's family, there is a slight addition - working out.

We already know that Hrithik spends hours in the gym everyday. However, it's not just him. Sources reveal that Hrithik has gotten his trainer's wife, Marika Johansson to assist his mother, Pinky Roshan, and sister, Sunaina Roshan, with their workout sessions.

When asked about the recent development in their fitness regime, Sunaina said, “Marika has put mom and me on a strict diet. She has also been making us work out extensively. Hrithik takes active interest in our exercise sessions. Mom and I are getting a lot more involved with our fitness now and we can already feel the results. She has been making us do various types of fun exercises and has created a fitness chart for us to follow. In fact, the gym has now become a meeting point for the entire family."

Sunaina also revealed that her father, Rakesh Roshan, has also been working out with them. In addition, Pinky and Marika have been visiting several high-end hospitals in the city and meeting doctors in order to spread the word about the importance of fitness.