Harry Belafonte suffered racism in NYC hotel

New York, March 25 (ANI): Harry Belafonte recalled how he suffered racism in the 1950s as a performer at Waldorf-Astoria hotel while giving a speech there at the Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala Thursday.

The 86-year-old American singer said that the luxury hotel "used to be one of the most racist pieces of real estate in America", the New York Post reported.

He recalled being hired by Claude Philippe, who was trying to desegregate the hotel.

Belafonte, who was dubbed the 'King of Calypso' for popularizing the Caribbean musical style, explained that the hotel executives suspected that he was Frenchman on the loose, but went apes**t when they saw him.

He added that later the hotel fired Philippe and tired to break the contract but couldn't since it was iron-clad.

He further said that they placed him in the Starlight Roof to avoid 'racial contamination' in the Empire Room. (ANI)


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