Harry Potter's 'magical school' Hogwarts valued at $204m

New York, Apr. 5 (ANI): A real estate blogger has said that investors, who are hoping to get their hands on a real-life Hogwarts, will have to spend a staggering 204,102,000 dollars.

David Cross, who writes novelty real estate evaluations for Movodo.com, reached the valuation after taking into account its price per square foot and the size of the supposedly isolated British building, the New York Daily News reported.

Die-hard 'Harry Potter' fans, with their in-depth knowledge of the seven fantasy novels, were brought in to help Cross figure out how big its class and bedrooms were.

The amount of sunlight that was caught on camera in the films, the distance Harry travelled on the Hogwarts Express from London and a scale model of the venue were also all analyzed.

But the price is only fixed for the school building and notable landmarks on the property - including the hallowed Quidditch field and Hagrid's shack - are not included. (ANI)