Health Trend: Progressive Yoga

Kasmin Fernandes
17 October 2013


Proceed to Progressive Yoga
Proceed to Progressive Yoga

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From awareness comes control and from control comes grace and beauty. So deepen your knowledge of the human body through the convergence of proper alignment, anatomy and therapy through progressive yoga. Based on the principles of ashtanga yoga, it improves your body composition and increases focus and concentration.

What It Means
Progressive yoga is a combination of Raja yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and individual creativity. It is usually attributed to US-based yoga guru David Kyle. He was inspired by the yoga workouts of Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Larry Schultz. “Combining the knowledge of strength and conditioning science with yoga principles and practice, progressive yoga is tailored differently to suit your personal fitness needs, without involving competitive elements that contradict yoga’s most basic principles,” says progressive yoga instructor Praveen Tokas.

What You Learn
You are taken through correct limb positioning and associated yogic breathing. These two techniques help you to stretch the right muscles and eliminate the chance of injury.

How It Works
Postures are placed in sequential order to provide a flow practice based on specific transitions that are to be complemented in a specific number of poses. It is usually a six-week programme that teaches the foundations of a safe and effective yoga practice. Each week will build upon concepts and postures learned the previous week. The instructor uses pranayama, asanas and meditation in combination. “Asanas that stretch, strengthen and stabilise the physical body are the focus,” says Tokas.

The benefits of this practice are many. Injury prevention for better mobility; increased strength, power, endurance, and balance and co-ordination for optimum functional health; improved body composition; increased focus and concentration.

There are no such dangers or contra-indications of progressive yoga as long as you respect your physical capabilities and inform your teacher about any previous or current injury.

Suitable For
Couch potatoes to athletes and everyone in between. The important thing is to practise progressive yoga with a certified teacher and to respect your physiological capabilities.

Celeb Quotient
Hollywood celebs Drew Barrymore, Mario Lopez and Andy Garcia are followers of progressive yoga.

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