Hilton sisters adopt Demi Moore's stray kitten

New York, Dec 11 (ANI): The stray kitten that Demi Moore took along as her dinner date last Wednesday, has been adopted by the Hilton sisters.

After the tiny feline infiltrated the tough security at Soho Beach House, it was scooped up by Moore and taken to the exclusive Chanel dinner, where it was fed expensive food while seated on the actress' lap.

Then the adorable cat got its claws into Paris and Nicky Hilton at a Soho Beach House lunch for Diane von Furstenberg.

The sisters adopted the cat and put it up in their suite at the swanky Fontainebleau Hotel, the New York Post reported.

And the kitten - appropriately called "Soho" by the Hilton sisters - got its first taste of the high life as it was flown back to New York on Sunday on the Jordache private jet with Nicky and Kanye West. (ANI)