Honey Singh: ?Before you blame me, blame the government?

Punjabi rapper and music producer Honey Singh, who is presently receiving flak for writing obscene lyrics, feels that he is just being made a scapegoat. Singh feels that it’s not him but the government, who should be blamed for not taking strict action against the culprits.


“All this going on right now.. They just needed an excuse and they've found one. CONGRATULATION! Before you blame me, blame the government for not taking action against the rapists in the first place! Don't use me as an excuse!,” he wrote on Twitter.


“I've admitted that my past was a wrong choice but now I deliver completely different music!,” he posted on the micro-blogging site.


The focus on Honey Singh’s obscene songs came in the wake of the Delhi gang rape case and an FIR too has been filed against him in Lucknow, for singing derogatory songs. While it has been reported that Honey was forced to cancel his Gurgaon New Year’s concert, following public outrage, his spokesperson claims that the singer himself opted out of it.