(Photo: Gayle Laird/Exploratorium)

Exploratorium, San Francisco
Opened: April 17, 2013

After nearly 44 years in the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco's well-loved Exploratorium packed up and did what every Bay Area resident longs to do: move into a bigger, greener space on the water. In its new digs on Pier 15, the interactive art and science museum has tripled its space and added 150 new exhibits, including its first outdoor displays. The new space is poised to become the country's largest net-zero-energy museum, thanks to 5,874 solar panels and a high-tech heating and cooling system that uses water from the bay. You can still see the simulated geyser and other old Exploratorium favorites. New exhibits give you the chance to create fog over the bay or grab an umbrella and create your own storm by adjusting the size and velocity of raindrops.


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