How John unlearned everything for Madras Cafe

Director Shoojit Sircar's only brief to his actor for his role was to have a fresh approach. More

In the film 'Madras Cafe' John plays an accomplished para-military officernewly recruited to the secret services with a mandate to execute covertintelligence operations to ensure the success of his country's peace accordwith a neighbouring state. While on mission, he deftly maneuvers hisresources to make significant breakthroughs amidst a scenario where the enemyhas no face. His only counsel is, "Don't get caught." Even beforeVikram can make sense of things, he finds himself embroiled deeper into the'game'.

"Madras Cafe is Vikram's journey of uncovering the biggerconspiracy which pushed him to dangerous territory," says John Abraham. Here's what he has to say.

Part I

Part II