Iqbal Sharma Not Ready To Settle The Matter With Saif Ali Khan

Bollywood actor-producer Saif Ali Khan, who earned the monicker 'Nasty Nawab' following his dispute and a subsequent scuffle with a NRI businessman named Iqbal Sharma, has been chargesheeted by the police on grounds of assault and Sharma seems quite pleased with the development.

Talking to a media house, Sharma claimed that he is quite pleased to see that the law is moving briskly as far as this case is concerned. When asked if he would be ready to opt for an 'out of court' settlement, Sharma categorically refused and added that he is determined to take the matter to its logical conclusion.
Saif Ali Khan had landed in trouble after he got in an argument with Sharma after the latter complained of loud noises coming from the former's table. The argument had snowballed into a fist-fight and Khan had allegedly punched Sharma on the nose, leading to a police case filed for assault.


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