Is 'Happi' inspired by 'The Artist'?

Like 'The Artist', this Pankaj Kapoor starrer film was first shot in colour and then converted into black and white

Though this film has been stuck in making for two years because the lead actor of the film Pankaj Kapoor wanted to concentrate on his directorial debut, the film will now see the light of the day soon. Like the Oscar winning film 'The Artist', this film was also shot in colour and then converted into black and white.

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In the film, Pankaj Kapoor plays Charlie Chaplinisque character Happi  who as the name suggest is a happy-go-lucky person. Despite all odds, he tries to live life to its fullest and refuses to accept failure. The film will also see him being paired opposite real-life wife Supriya Pathak.

Following the success of 'The Artist', there is much talk about turning 'Happi' also into a silent film. However the film's director refutes the claim saying that turning the film into a silent film will change Pankaj's character. In the film, Happi is either talking too much or not talking at all. But whether Happi manages to make the audience happy or not is something we have to wait for.

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