Jennifer Hudson spoofs 'Scandal' to promote Obama's Affordable Care Act

1 October 2013

Washington, Oct. 1 (ANI): Jennifer Hudson has tried to help Barack Obama to promote his new Affordable Care Act among young people by making a spoof of Kerry Washington starrer 'Scandal'.

In her new video for Funny or Die, titled 'Scandalous,' the Grammy-winning singer crosses the nation's capital to meet clients in dark alleys and on park benches, ABC News reported.

But instead of solving notorious controversies, Hudson can be seen explaining the Affordable Care Act to people.

In one of the scenes from the footage, Hudson's character, Lydia Cole, asks one distraught woman her problem.

When the woman explains that her company's health care doesn't cover mammograms, Hudson tells her about ACA's preventative care for women's health plan. (ANI)

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