Jon Gosselin pulls gun on photog in Pennsylvania

Washington, Sept 22 (ANI): It seems Jon Gosselin does not like his pictures to be taken, as he allegedly threatened a photographer by showing her the gun after she followed him home, in Pennsylvania.

The actor also fired off a warning shot before chasing her away in his car, reported.

The photog followed him home, while trying to snap photos of the cabin where Gosselin now lives.

Sources told the publication that as the photog, who trailed the actor off the main road and onto dirt roads, which she assumed were public property, started snapping away, the former reality star pulled a gun from his pants, yelled at her for trespassing and then fired a warning shot.

The photog said she booked it, but Gosselin followed her until she got back on the main road.

The publication also reported that the photog is planning to hit up local police to file a report. (ANI)