Kamal Haasan thanks everyone!

7 February 2013
Kamal Haasan thanks everyone!

Beginning with the news that Vishwaroopam will finally release on February 7 in Tamil Nadu, surmounting many barricades and ban, Kamal Haasan wrote a letter thanking everyone who supported him. He wrote,"I profusely thank the Honorable chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, for her justice was speedier, Above all, I am ever grateful to Tamil Nadu and the people at large. Many peers in the trade in Tamil Nadu also reached personally to enquire. Unbeknownst to me, the rest of my fraternity throughout the country raised their voices in my defense. I am touched and grateful to them." Talking about the media support, he added,"The media fought for my freedoms as if it were theirs at stake-probably it is so. Nevertheless, the time they spent on my small cause and warmth they imparted strengthened me." Many fans of the actor sent money orders and checks to him, showing their support. Kamal Haasan wrote that he stood stoic through all the troubles, but the sight of many money orders, currency notes and bank checks sent to him in envelopes by admirers, to help him tide over his crisis, broke him to an emotional pulp. He added," I will be returning all of these to the respective senders. Please do not take offense; I have safeguarded your addresses, in case politics and religion hound me again, to take refuge. I know I have safe homes to feed and keep me throughout Tamil Nadu. Wherever I go or live, my permanent abode and address would always be your kind minds." Kamal Haasan, mentioning that he offers his small work of art in their honor, wrote that he owns a big salute to all his fans and admirers, who respected his request, as it were his command and maintained peace and harmony in spite of provocation. He considers the overwhelming support from the people, the real Vishwaroopam!

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