Kangana Ranaut, Vikas Bahl Among Other Members Of 'Queen' Unit Speak Out Against The Delhi Gang Rape Incident

20 December 2012

The cast and crew of the film, 'Queen', starring Kangana Ranaut, decided to wear black on Thursday as a mark of protest against the recent Delhi gang rape incident.

Everyone including director Vikas Bahl and Kangana, wore black to the sets. The director was quoted saying that they were sitting around wondering what they could do to keep up the momentum of the protests so instead of stopping work, they decided to wear black for a day. 


He further stated that not allowing girls to go out in the night, is not the solution and that they should be able to go out on the roads at 2 am and feel safe. Vikas was chanting, 'Kill the bastards, or castrate them' during the protests. Kangana was quoted saying that the system needs to changed and that there should be stricter laws brought in. She further said that it's the people, that she gives her vote to, and dedicates a portion of her income to, who should make sure this doesn't happen again. The incident has been condemned all across Bollywood. Jaya Bachchan even raised the issue at the Rajya Sabha a few days ago. 

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