Kangana's dream to play 'supergirl' comes true

Indo Asian News Service
5 October 2013

Mumbai, Oct 5 (IANS) Actress Kangana Ranaut always wanted to play characters with the qualities of a 'supergirl'. She says her dream has come true thanks to her roles in forthcoming movies like "Queen", "Revolver Rani" and "Krrish 3".

"I am already playing my dream role in 'Revolver Rani', 'Queen' and 'Krrish 3'. I always wanted to play a supergirl and I am getting to do that. So it's a dream come true," Kangana said during the cover photoshoot for Cine Blitz magazine.

While in "Revolver Rani", Kangana will be seen as a dacoit-cum-gangster, in "Krrish 3" she plays a negative character. In "Queen", she plays a simple Delhi girl.

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