Kanye West gets dressing room carpet ironed before show!

20 September 2013

London, Sept 20 (ANI): Kanye West has outdone everyone else in making outrageous backstage diva demands by asking for his dressing room carpet to be ironed.

The rapper, who was appearing on BBC's 'Later... with Jools Holland', decided to make a number of diva-esque demands before taking to the studio to perform.

The 36-year-old is believed to have swanned into rehearsals at the studios in Maidstone in Kent but after being less than impressed with the set, he stomped his foot and demanded the crew rip it all down and build it to his specifications, the Mirror reported.

He then insisted that everything in his dressing room should be white and took things one step further by asking for his carpet to be ironed because it was too bumpy for him. (ANI)

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