Latest ‘Rush’ Trailer Is Absolutely Breathtaking [video]

George Kennedy
18 July 2013

In 1976, Formula 1 was in its hey day. The cars were fast, the drivers were playboys, and the presence of death and danger was just around the corner. It was a golden age, where the risk of operating a such fast cars elevated drivers to godlike status. This is the exact scene set for Ron Howard’s upcoming film Rush.

This film chronicles the rivalry and camaraderie between playboy and outspoken driver James Hunt, and the calculated Nikki Lauda, as they duked it out for the 1976 F1 Championship. Check out this latest trailer below:

It has it all. Girls, crashes, cars, and, of course, a shirtless Chris Hemsworth. Rush will be in theaters September 27, and we will be there for sure.

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