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Luxury of films not available for TV actors: Kavita Kaushik

Indo Asian News Service
24 July 2013

Mumbai, July 24 (IANS) Kavita Kaushik, who has recently made a comeback to comedy show "F.I.R.", believes a TV actor's life is tougher than that of a film actor.

"There are so many problems in a TV actor's life. There is no choreographer, so we have to do everything ourselves and that too in just a few minutes. This is the beauty of TV," the 32-year-old said here on location of "F.I.R."

"People hold films higher (in higher regard) than TV. But I would say that TV actors do things in a few minutes, catch characters quickly and do scenes in minutes... and that too eight to nine scenes daily. The luxury of films is not available here. So we do everything ourselves in very little time," she added.

Kavita became popular with the role of Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala in "F.I.R.". She had quit the show in January, and featured in a new show "Tota Weds Maina", which went off air April.

Now she is back on "F.I.R.".

The actress hopes to play a journalist on screen someday.

"I haven't played a journalist. I also want to ask 'Kaisa lag raha hai' (How are you feeling)... so I haven't played a journalist which I might play soon. There are a lot of other roles also which I haven't done," Kavita said.

Kavita will be seen in an item number in the upcoming remake of 1973 film "Zanjeer".

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