Madonna's charitable deeds rubbished by Malawi education minister

London, Jan. 18 (ANI): Madonna's charitable endeavours were dealt a serious blow when Malawi's Education Minister denied that the pop diva's charity has built 10 new schools in the country.

Education Minister, Eunice Kazembe, implied that the 54-year-old singer did not deserve much credit for building the schools, as they were already in existence, the Independent reported.

She said that her charity Raising Malawi had only built 10 classroom blocks and not schools.

The Malawi government, she said, was keen to clarify any misconceptions that may arise, she said.

In December, Raising Malawi had announced that its efforts to support vulnerable kids in the East African country had led to the construction of 10 primary schools to serve more than 4,800 pupils in rural villages.

The schools, it said, were the result of a partnership between Madonna, her charity, and a non-profit school-building organisation, buildOn. (ANI)