Makrand Deshpande: Naseeruddin's role was specially designed for SONA SPA

By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial

The multi-talented Makrand Deshpande is back with his yet another directorial venture, SONA SPA, which is based on a Hindi play of the same name, which was again written and directed by Makrand. SONA SPA stars veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah in the lead role. While almost the entire cast of Makrand's play has been repeated in the film, Naseeruddin was never a part of the play. His role in the film was specially designed.

Makrand says, "Naseer ji loved my play. So, when I decided to make a full length feature film I specially designed a role for him. Naseer's part was specially incorporated in the feature film."

But ask Makrand about the idea of having Naseer in the film and he says, "Aisa kaha jaata hai jab ghar ka buzurg bolta hai tab sabko usko sunte hai because he happens to be the most authentic person in the family. So I wanted a person of that stature. Getting Naseer was to make it bigger and better and far more credible. Aaj woh bolte hai log sunte hai because his voice has that power, his image has that power. It was basically to make an impact."

"Moreover, I know Naseer well and the kind of voice he has nobody else has that. He did the film out of love."

SONA SPA basically revolves around a spa that can buy you sleep, but in return takes away your Dreams. The person who sleeps for you has access to your dreams.

Makrand drew the inspiration for the concept of SONA SPA from his personal life. Despite doing the play he wanted a bigger medium to present his ideas. And hence he converted it into a full length film.

"I took inspiration from my personal life. I developed it in a full-fledged film because I thought whatever ideas I have in my mind how do I sum up in one small play? Such concept required a bigger medium to be told...Hence a film."

Makrand has earlier directed films like SHAHRUKH BOLA KHOOBSURAT HAI TU (2010), HANAN (2004), DANAV (2003). And now he is gearing up for yet another unconventional subject SONA SPA.

Ask Makrand about his unusual choices and he says, "I get bored doing conventional stuff. Otherwise I would have done many other films. You need some spice in life for energy."

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