Mary Kom Happy About Priyanka Chopra Starring In Her Biopic

We had recently reported that actress Rani Mukerji was the original choice to play the role of Olympic medal winning boxer Mary Kom in a biopic to be made on the life of the pugilist. At the time, it was also reported that the role went to Priyanka Chopra after Rani showed uncertainty in the project.

Now, it seems that Kom herself is quite happy about the fact that Piggy Chops is playing the lead role in her biopic. Mary Kom, who recently hosted Chopra on the latter's visit to Kom's hometown Manipur, said that Priyanka's keen interest to learn and study Mary's life really pleased her and made her feel that Priyanka is indeed the right choice for the role.

Priyanka, who recently lost her father, tweeted about her visit to Manipur and the experience that she had over there.